Robin Merritt
ArtFRONT Presentations

Press Release:  Saturday April 7th concert
@ Barking Legs Theater

Hudson K , Eliza Rickman
& Woodford Sessions

Barking Legs Theater 1307 Dodds Ave. Chattanooga, TN
Show starts 8pm. Saturday April 7th.
$10. advance from $12 at thedoor
All ages welcome

Barking Legs rolls out the grand piano for three acts in one night from ArtFRONT Presentations

Eliza Rickman is on a roll across the USA with a multi city tour, playing nearly every night since the release this March of her new full length album"O You Sinners" produced by Andrew Bird's and Wilco's studio whiz Mark Greenberg. This recording showcases one seriously impressive new vocalist. Eliza Rickman's highly polished delivery sounds as if Emmylou Harris were singing arrangements by Tori Amos or Fiona Apple, soaring and ethereal and solid. Intricately arranged by a musician who's studied orchestral composition, a lot of minor key arrangements puts Eliza's Music squarely outside of any Americana genre despite the Emmylou Harris vocal comparison. Sounding more like the soundtrack to a Neil Gaiman story, Eliza incorporates toy piano over her studio arrangements and plays onstage with that instrument as well as accordion and piano. "Darkly beautiful" sums up the mood of the whole album. Gushing reports from audiences who are seeing Eliza on this tour are building excitement levels as April 7th approaches. Fans of art-house music video production can get a look at Eliza Rickman's imaginative dark side while listening to the chilling vocals that make her a serious new entry on the American music scene.


Hudson K, Knoxville music scene mainstay Christina Horn performs a full set of her cabaret rock ballads backed by the full band who together are Hudson K. Led by one of the most versatile keyboardists and vocalists in the region, Hudson K puts on a rousing, elaborate arrangement of anti-pop and piano rock pieces. In addition to constantly generating live music for Knoxville Hudson K has been building a following in Chattanooga with live performances at nearly every venue in town. With a wide range of styles in their repertoire, Hudson K works toward pleasing their audience by delivering something for almost everybody while always surprising with shifting tempos and storyline based songwriting. Christina's distinctively smoky voice will be immediately recognizable once You've experienced their show.


Woodford Sessions There's been a lot of talk about Chattanooga's "local" music scene lately. From listening to their riveting set of studio recordings Woodford sessions, the core duo of Dan (Danimal) Pinson and Michael Gallaway is shaping up as Chattanooga's premier songwriting team. This duo has double teamed on melodic inventiveness, churning out a sheaf of songs that You won't get out of your head. If You're a fan of neo-folk americana rockers ranging from Band of Horses to Avett Brothers all the way back to Neil Young & Simon & Garfunkle You need to check out this project because there's not a lot of new stuff that comes close to this level of songwriting and delivery. After seeing a lot of phenomenal talent spring out of East Tennessee over the last few years it's still not presumptious to say HERE's a group that has the power to go places. It's like the Avett's calmed down and really learned to sing and write gorgeous tunes. Dan & Michael's experience as instrumentalists in rock bands (Ickybod Crankin, Glowing Bordis, Up With The Joneses, The Nim Nims) has given them tremendous range in songwriting as evidenced in the music You can hear on their website. Anyone wanting to experience the next level of creativity in melodic songwriting and performance and not just on our local level, should park themselves here for the evening. Expect to hear a lot of good things from these guys.


Please feel free to contact me with any requests for more info. on these artists including interviews, demo CD's and hi-res photos for your publication.

~Robin Merritt


Watch for another upcoming performance @ Barking Legs on Sunday April 15th. Hope for Agoldensummer & HuDost with a collaborative dance performance by Lacy Jo of Zanzibar dance studio.

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