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Press Release:

Saturday August 29th full band concert
@ The Camp House, Chattanooga, TN


 CD release concert
with Special guest Webb Barringer

Ryan Oyer Band Live headlining Chattanoogaa Nightfall

The Camp House, 149 East Martin Luther King Boulevard, Chattanooga, TN
Show starts 8pm. Saturday August 29th.
$8. advance from  $10. at thedoor
All ages welcome

Ryan Oyer's all new stage show is possibly the most ambitious undertaking by a Chattanooga band yet.

This full band ensemble marks a major step up in Ryan's career:
On Saturday, August 29th, 14 musicians will engage on the Camphouse stage, featuring full horn & string sections and backing vocals supporting Ryan Oyer's traditional 5 piece rock band.

Earlier this summer Ryan Oyer proved a major point at his Nightfall headlining performance when his full band assembled before a few thousand people who came together for that landmark performance and remained in rapt attention, many singing along with the already familiar songs at the skillfully arranged concert featuring Chattanooga's hometown musicians.

Bryan Stone ( @StoneOnAir ) host on Talk Radio102.3 & KZ 106 tweeted: @ryanoyer what a killer show at @NightfallCHA. Seriously, tight. No pics or video b/c my phone stayed in my pocket the entire time

And from @ArtFRONT : @RyanOyer band's ensemble complete with string section, proved to be fully ready for Big stages and festival crowds at @NightfallCHA

Ryan Oyer has the kind of mass appeal that makes his music universally likeable, listenable and memorable. "He has a voice I can listen to".. said a new fan at a recent concert.

The CD release

Celebrating the release of the new 15 song album "Pinup Queens & Silver Screens" plus the 6 song EP "Matinee" both available at the event.

These are possibly the most meticulously produced albums ever to come out of Chattanooga's burgeoning music scene. Over 30 of the Chattanooga area's most accomplished musicians participated with instrumentals and vocals including Butch Ross, Tiffany Taylor, Megan Howard and Danimal Pinson, many of whom will appear onstage at this Aug. 29th celebration.. Produced by Butch Ross and Ryan Oyer, with major input from Michael McDade, the sound quality and mix are top notch. Every song is "radio ready" and will come across clear and powerful through any type stereo equipment.

Lyrically, Ryan's songwriting is straightforward and stays on course as to matters of the heart, specifically romantic relationships with all their trials and benefits.

Webb Barringer, an up and coming Chattanooga singer songwriter who will be opening The Aug. 29th show stated;. "Ryan Oyer's understanding of love and emotion is something that will haunt you with its sincerity. It'll stick with you."

"...his strongest batch of songs to date. With new musical colors like horns and strings the distinct individuality in his songwriting emerges. Ryan Oyer has found his voice." ~Butch Ross, multi-instrumental musician and co-producer of "Pinup Queens and Silver Screens."

The live show however, gives a full on rock concert, bordering on moments of pre-psychedelia, complete with light show by Blueshift Optical productions. This is definitely going to be a full evening of entertainment. With a huge appeal to adult music loving audiences it is all ages friendly as well. I couldn't imagine a more shareable and stimulating evening of family entertainment, bring the kids and they may discover what hometown heroes can accomplish with vision determination and perseverance.

"Ryan's confidence, persistence and constant experience performing in front of live audiences is paying off. This summer and this full band ensemble marks a major step up in Ryan's career in that he is now ready for bigger stages, big audiences and festival crowds."
~Robin Merritt

Photo by Mark Herndon
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~Robin Merritt