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Press Release:

Saturday November 30th concert
@ Barking Legs Theater

Ryan Oyer Presents
an after Thanksgiving
Local Music Extravaganza


Barking Legs Theater 1307 Dodds Ave. Chattanooga, TN
Show starts 8pm. Saturday Nov. 30th.
$10. advance from $12 at thedoor
All ages welcome

Ryan Oyer has put together a Thanksgiving weekend showcase featuring a cadre of solid local performers for a night of fun, music and friendship.  On any given night Chattanooga comes alive with the sounds of local musicians. On November 30th, 2013, you'll hear some of Chattanooga's finest perform in this city's most intimate listening room.  Ryan (vocals/guitar) will be joined in his set by Jessica Nunn (viola.) The evening's performance will be presented as two flowing sets of musical exchange featuring nine local musicians divided by an intermission.

"Ryan Oyer is one of those names I’d heard a thousand times without having the opportunity to hear him play.  He must be one of the hardest-working men in show business—in Chattanooga anyway. I spent a long road trip listening to his discography and it occurred to me what a pity to have missed all those performances and what a treat to discover something so worthwhile right here.
There is nothing particularly difficult about writing a song or unique about being a songwriter. Writing a good song is an altogether different matter, and good songwriters (like Ryan Oyer) are few and far between." 

~Marc T. Michael for Chattanooga Pulse

"I've been watching Ryan Oyer's development as a songwriter and front man for as long as he's been on Chattanooga's music landscape.  One good way to guage a musician's effectiveness is by watching the reaction of the audience.  Recently I'm noticing multiple audience members singing along with not just his older most familiar songs but with nearly all of them.  Not bad for someone who hasn't hit the top 40  airwaves yet!  Ryan's confidence, perseverance and relentless performing are the missing ingredients of many other talented singer-songwriters who fall by the wayside.  Expect to keep hearing Ryan Oyer's name and songs for a long time to come." 
~Robin Merritt ArtFRONT Presentations 

Here are Ryan's thoughts on the artists he has selected to perform this night:

Danimal Pinson's resume makes you believe he's got his fingers in every band in Chattanooga. A truly great songriter, Danimal (vocals/keys/guitar) will be joined by Jessica Nunn (viola) and Mia Treadwell (drums).  His insightful lyrics, beautiful chord changes, and intense delivery will take you out into the cosmos and then back to your own consciousness without ever leaving your chair.

Tiffany Taylor's voice is as soothing as the cool side of your pillow. Her songs are heartbreakingly honest and delivered with an intense delicacy. Tiffany is currently working on her much anticipated debut album with the help of several local musicians.  Tiffany (vocals/guitar,) will be accompanied by Danimal Pinson (backing vocals/guitar) and Jessica Nunn (viola.) Tiffany's set will transport you to a porch swing with a glass of sweet tea on a warm summers night.

Gabriel Newell Before you've had time to think "Where does that soul come from?" you'll be immersed in his lyrical experiences and singing along with his choruses. His passionate, soulful, rootsy performance takes you on a journey of the common man, from the heart of an extraordinary songwriter.

Amber Fults' voice and songs  send chills and brings tears and smiles to everyone who experiences them.  Amber enwraps audiences in all of the emotions that inspire the songs themselves and you leave her shows unabashedly wanting more.

Opening the show: "By Order Of The Queen."  Teenage duo Beth Ireland (vocals/guitar) and Rebekah Davis (vocals/bass) have won the hearts of their contemporary Chattanooga musicians with pop arrangements, youthful lyrics, and a whimsical stage presence. Leaning heavily on classic rock influences they cut their teeth on the sensibilities of the British Invasion and Britpop movements.  They are now launching into original songriting territory. 
By Order of the Queen on facebook

~by Ryan Oyer


Please feel free to contact me with any requests for more info. on these artists including interviews, demo CD's and hi-res photos for your publication.

~Robin Merritt



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