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Press Release:

Saturday April 26th concert
@ Barking Legs Theater

William Fitzsimmons
Ben Sollee
with local opener T.B.A.

Barking Legs Theater 1307 Dodds Ave. Chattanooga, TN
Show starts 8pm. Saturday April 26th.
full band set by William Fitzsimmons, solo set from Ben Sollee
$15. advance from $18. at thedoor
Local opener T.B.A, All ages welcome

William Fitzsimmons The "best talent available to play here" was the criteria for the ArtFRONT Presentations artist selection from the beginning of the series and William Fitzsimmons has always been on our radar. Since 2005 he has released seven albums including his most recent one "Lion" but up until now the availability to have him onstage has eluded us here in Chattanooga, that's why I immediately accepted an offer from Windish Agency (who also sent us Kaki King) when Chattanooga was offered a spot on William's extensive international concert tour. At that moment I wasn't aware of an incredible bonus attached to this deal, the inclusion of Ben Solee on this bill. Another high profile artists in William Fitzsimmons style category, "Iron & Wine" has received a lot of airplay and press locally and it seemed that William Fitzsimmons was always simmering in the background somewhere just waiting to wash into the conciousness of the lovers of truly melodic folk artists and there seem to be a lot of those fans around. For this show he will bring his band to fill up Barking Legs Theater with the kind of blissful sound quality the venue is so well suited for.

Here's a page full of info and a studio recording to give an idea what a treat we are in for on Saturday April 26th.

Plenty of national publications have noticed Mr. Fitzsimmons. Here Rolling Stone Magazine showcases William Fitzsimmons live at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe.


Ben Solee ( from )

Known for his thrilling cello-playing that incorporates new techniques to create a unique mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz and R&B, Sollee possesses rough-smooth-smoky vocal stylings bordering on hip-hop and a knack for intricate arrangements that has brought about comparisons to Sufjan Stevens. Sollee shares himself completely with his audience, whether it be by personal lyrics, or his commitment to the environment. Sollee can often be found riding a bicycle to his concerts (cello strapped to the back), which have become legendary for their intimacy.
The album, produced by Sollee himself, boasts a sublime cast of musicians, including Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) on electric/acoustic guitar and pedal steel, Alana Rocklin on bass, Jordon Ellis on percussion, Jeremy Kittel (formerly of the Turtle Island String Quartet) on violin, and guest vocals by Abigail Washburn. Sollee contributes octave mandolin, guitar, and of course, his signature cello.

~Written by Silas House

Ben Sollee LIVE @ WFPK Louisville

"How to See The Sun Rise" solo @ Paste Mgazine Studio

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