Here is our main contact e-mail address
for all booking and publicity inquiries.

Booking contact e-mail for artists represented by and ArtFRONT Presentations.

 In order to protect our system from spam-robots You will need to type the address into your e-mail window.  Some Artists will also have their own e-mail address with our agency, but this one will get your message to the right people.  A phone contact number will be immediately provided to all legitimate inquiries and will be included in all our e-mail responses to the above address.  Or we may choose to call You directly after your first contact to save us all valuable typing time. So be sure to provide us with your contact number and the best times to reach You by phone.

We try to provide all the information venues will need for booking each act on the artists’ agency pages, which You can access through our Artists Roster menu.  Available dates can usually be determined by the geographic location and open dates on the artists tour route schedule which is provided on each artists’ agency page.   Information regarding each artists’ payment, guarantees and other requirements will be provided once a dialogue with your venue or talent buyer is initiated.  We aim to create mutually workable agreements between all parties so that everyone involved benefits and will be happy with the event as a whole.  Please keep in mind that with current travel expenses at an all time high, negotiable fees may need to be adjusted for any gig that takes an artist a longer than normal  distance from an established tour itinerary.

Please check back here for any updated guidelines or information as this site develops.