***NOTE  The theater rental and other prices quoted herein only reflect the packages from ArtFRONT Sponsored Events at Barking Legs Theater and do not apply to any arrangements outside of ArtFRONT which any artist  makes with other promoters/producers or directly with the venue. ***

A simple spreadsheet which You can change input amounts of numbers in attendance for advance and Day of Show ticket sales  and use to accurately predict the amount of payout based on ticket price and audience attendance Is available online HERE. Booking can begin immediately for approved acts once your refundable deposit which covers our basic minimum production and promotion expenses is received.

Here’s the expense breakdown for the ArtFRONT Sponsored events. This is the list of minum mandatory expenses.
Theater rental $50-$150. (sliding scale based on attendance.) Believe me You WANT this to be the maximum of $150. which means You have a good housefull in attendance and your profit goes up.
Your deposit covers the $50. minimum with any additional coming out of your ticket sales until the cap of $150. is reached
Your choice of Sound board setups:
2014 model Behringer X-32 digital board (32 channels) with 4 separate mix monitors & sub-woofers. Includes all mics, mic stands and sound tech fee. Total sound & tech fee for this setup is $150.
$75.-$100. sound tech payment and equipment fee for in house Mackie 808S 8channel powered mixer and two JBL JRX 100 monitors includes tech fee and all mics, mic stands. Total sound & tech fee for this setup is $95.

There is a Mandatory minimum spending requirement for our promotions for each show, currently $80. which gets You a press release and distribution to all local entertainment news-media for one act or artist.
A $75. door & closing charge for the night of the show.
Therefore your total minum deposits are:


Promotional services offered. (ALL fees & Services subject to change as this is the preliminary offering.)
1. Pre-Sale tickets. We can do this for a service fee of $2. per admission sold. (for admissions under $20. each.) Card purchases at the door have $2. service fee added to the door/D.O.S. price.
If the pre-sale amount exceeds the total amount of rent due the theater Barking Legs rental will be paid out of this amt. You can write a check or use door sales for the remainder.)
The amount of profit You can make on these shows can be substantial if You have enough people in attendance. We can provide an online spreadsheet outlining the exact amount of expenses and profit You can make once the show is booked. There is currently no charge for this service if your ticket prices are either $10.,$12, or $15. other special arrangements may incur a small setup fee for use of the spreadsheet..

Additional promotional services which we provide: You are free to expand your promotional reach by choosing among our following professional promotional & media services, or provide your own.

2. Promotional packages
a. Tour poster, usable for national tour with digitized logo of each venue and typed in opening or co-bill acts. $150. (design only, printing available as separate charge. )  Go to our printable poster archives for past examples of our work. http://www.mysecretidentity.org/ArtFRONT/Posters/

b. Radio one sheet with radio station promotion $50. (*Recorded material must meet our quality standards for acceptance.)  This has proven to be one of the most valuable promotional resources for recording artists and is indispensable if You are determined to have your music played on-air and by webcasters. In dealing firsthand with radio stations and the DJ’s responsible for deciding which songs to play this has been found to be perhaps the most necessary part of your presentation, next to actually recording the kind of music broadcasters want to play. These incredibly busy DJ’s appreciate our ready made one-sheet writeups and suggested track listings because it saves them valuable time, makes their jobs much easier and saves them from potentially devastating mistakes such as playing songs with profanity, lengthy intro’s or music generally not suited for their radio broadcast. When one of these mistakes happen because the DJ is taking a chance on an unheard track it’s a good bet Your CD won’t get played again. Having our printed-on-one-side-only brief writeup with suggested track listings makes it easier for DJ’s to present your music and to share your songs with the other DJ’s in their studio. Once we have completed your one-sheet writeup it may be used repeatedly in hundreds of broadcast studios as long as that particular recording exists.  
EXAMPLES:  Index of ArtFRONT/MySecretIdentity Radio One-Sheets

c. Press Release with total media distribution (*for approved artists only) for Chattanooga area. $80. (Includes HTML article for the Barking Legs Website.) This is the most highly reccomended element of these options. A bonus of this is that You’ll receive a total publicist’s media package which You can continue to use on your own for touring or media publicity in other cities. After the initial press release touring artists who would like to continue using the ArtFRONT MYSecretIdentity PR services will be charged $50. per city/county/region for distribution of their press release to all local entertainment media resources.  EXAMPLES: Index of All ArtFRONT Sponsored Events Press Releases

3. Day of Show Production.

a. Venue Rental if applicable; For example Barking Legs Theater is available under the ArtFRONT Sponsored events program for a minimum of $50. to a maximum of $150. depending on number in attendance.
b. Sound Tech Normally $75-$100 flat fee depending on complexity of the stage setup.
c. Admissions/Ticket sales @ Door and closing You’ll need someone to take admission at the door and to tidy up and close down the theater at the end of the night. We provide venue approved personnel @ $15. per hr. from 1 hr. before the show until closing.
d. Credit/Debit card admission sales at the door. Using the ArtFRONT Square account and iPhone. We can provide the service for a non-refundble service fee of $2. per card sale. Obviously we will have to also be hired to work the door for this to work.

If You invest in any one (or more) of the above listed promotional services, at a minimum of $80 which gives You one artist’s press release and local distribution, We’ll give You the entire door minus rental expenses (minus any service fees for using our square or Paypal acct. for advance ticket sales.)
********** EXAMPLE your expenses for a show with 50 in attendance @$10. each admission. $80. minimum for press release, media distribution & html writeup for BLT page. + $50 -for $15 per hourly pay for door & closing.
With 50 in attendance @ $10.your theater rental = $100. (See our above mentioned online spreadsheet for exact rental cost per number in attendance.)
=$230. total expenses Thus $500 total door – $230 expenses = $370. profit. (from which You would pay your sound tech (negotiable) and any other expenses of your own.
************ Here’s a Tip Bring your own beverages/snacks /catering for the artists and crew backstage. (I normally add $25. to the total expense for bottled water, beer & soft drinks at grocery store cost.)

Keep Checking back for more changes and updates.