Our Radio one-sheets with suggested airplay track listings
have proven to be one of the most valuable promotional resources for recording artists and are indispensable if You are determined to have your music played on radio stations and by webcasters.  Our 3rd party reviews present a trustworthy outside perspective and  ”professional audience”  point of view focusing on the most appropriate and attention grabbing tracks  on your albums.

From our experience working firsthand with radio stations and the DJ’s responsible for deciding which songs to play, these radio one-sheets have been found to be  the most necessary part of your presentation next to You actually recording the kind of music broadcasters want to play.   These incredibly busy DJ’s appreciate our ready made, concise one-sheet write ups and suggested track listings because it saves them valuable time, makes their jobs much easier and saves them from potentially devastating mistakes such as playing songs with profanity, lengthy intro’s or music generally not suited for their radio broadcast.  When one of these mistakes happen because the DJ is taking a chance on an unheard track it’s a good bet Your CD won’t get played again.  Having our printed-on-one-side-only brief write up with suggested track listings makes it easier for DJ’s to present your music to their listening audience and  share your songs with the other DJ’s in their studio.   Once we have completed your one-sheet write up You may arrange with us to use it repeatedly in hundreds of broadcast studios as long as that particular recording or compilation exists.


The written material in these radio one-sheet write ups is © by Robin Merritt for ArtFRONT Publishing,  (or via special arrangement by any work-for-hire authors  ArtFRONT Publishing may employ.)  All musical & lyrical copyrights and recording rights are held by the Artists’  being promoted.   Please contact us if Your radio station or webcast needs broadcast quality songs from anyone on our Artists’  roster. Permissions and license to use this material and our other services for promotion of your music are available by individual arrangement between ArtFRONT Presentations/MySecretIdentity.org with each recording/performing artist.

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