-MySecretIdentity.org is a highly selective booking and publicist agency.
Every Artist we represent is chosen because of their outstanding talent in live performance and recorded music, visual art, photography or writing.  We take a personal interest in these artists’ work because in the end the success we are looking for is measured in their ability to thrill their audience and give us the aesthetic experience we all crave. True talent has always trumped any kind of commercial fad or fashion of the moment and history leaves us the legacy of the best loved and most effective artists long after any kind of “movement” has passed on. Even so, we are still always looking for the freshest forms of artistic expression, whether it’s totally radical, and alien to the senses, or based on solid traditional values being explored by the most capable young talents that have worked to appreciate the timeless nature of the fine arts. Whether it is loud and brash or pretty and soothing there has to be that aesthetic experience and the human touch that gives it life and soul. Welcome to some of the most intense talent that You may not yet have heard of, but this kind of talent doesn’t stay hidden for long…..

Our services are generally offered by invitation to artists  and management whom we feel passionate about and believe are a good match for our level of commitment to enhancing their careers.  If You have previously worked with ArtFRONT Presentations www.ArtFRONT.com or MySecretIdentity.org Agency (MYSI) please contact us since You are already one of our favorites and most likely we have a ready made plan that that is tailored specifically for You.

For print, electronic publications and radio/tv/video broadcasts are available on this website for artists whom we represent, book or produce shows for through our partner ArtFRONT Presentations www.ArtFRONT.com This includes hi-res photos for print as well as web ready images, radio broadcasters’ one-sheet reviews & video links.  Our more than 25 years of experience as a literary publisher gives us unlimited resources in the realm of fine arts and design tailored specifically for both modern digital and traditional media needs. Our capacity for full interviews, in house design and contacts with hundreds of highly selected creative artists for hire in all mediums allow us to put together a complete package or the individual elements tailored specifically for your needs.

NEW CLIENTS a password protected page with all our services and terms is being constructed HERE. In the meantime go to the Press and Radio,  Publicity and Tour Posters tabs for examples of some of our work..  Links to our current and past concert productions are linked on the Production page.


Last update posted December 31st, 2012 by MYSI Agency.