About ArtFRONT & MySecretIdentity.org Press & Publicity.

Every show we present gets the gig because we are impressed enough with each artist
to give them the full publicity that any artist on any level should get within the host community.

I act as a content provider for all regional entertainment press sources.  Whenever a show is produced ArtFRONT & MySecretIdentity.org sends out press releases, radio one-sheet writeups and suggested tracklists.  We hand deliver whenever possible, CD’s and writeups to the appropriate DJ’s and writers as well as program directors and editors.  We focus on who the writers, editors and DJ’s are and what their preferred styles are before presenting them with new material.

In addition we work with and help coordinate existing publicist relationships with the artists we present and help them to focus their efforts on the correct places and people. This “double teaming” effort has proven to be the most effective approach to getting deserving artists the high profile recognition that is so hard to develop in most large metropolitan markets.

This type of publicity is not “Advertising.”  It is not possible to buy this type of publicity in “legitimate” journalistic sources.  We base our publicity on the quality of the artists’ presentations and provide content to press and radio that the readers will want to absorb and be entertained by.

Although there is never any guarantee that any press or radio source will pick up on and run an article on any artist, our commitment to high quality material has resulted in a very high percentage of press coverage and overwhelming radio support for most of the shows we present.


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~Robin Merritt ArtFRONT presentations / MySecretIdentity.org artists’ booking & publicity.