June 29th, 2008 by Robin

Ana Lola Roman

Does Ana Lola Roman’s music have the primal energy and solid beats to move an audience to gyrating mindlessly that needs to accompany any intellectual pursuit of a musical art form?  Yes it does.  Is it danceable? Yes.  Is it a dance band?  No it is not.   Does it Rock?  Sometimes.  Is it ethereal and psychedelic?  Yes but not in any kind of pre-experienced fashion.  Is it fun? Yeah it’s loads of fun and the recordings, (sometimes compared to Kate Bush and Public Image Limited..) threaten an even more remarkably weird experience live, which is why listening to Ana Lola Roman’s songs for nearly two years has brought us to putting together this series of concerts so that some of us can experience the “movement” for ourselves, firsthand and with a total element of surprise inherently built in.