Options for future “ArtFRONT Sponsored” shows.

This approach is suitable for Local acts & those who want to have a special invitation show or a live event with video production. Touring acts should utilise this approach in collaboration with established local acts or complete publicity coverage from their own publicist in conjunction with ArtFRONT. This is a totally flexible setup and You are free to explore creative approaches to your events’ production and promotion.

Rather than the normal ArtFRONT Presentations show where our production company takes on all financial risk for the event, these sponsored events allow up and coming artists to enjoy a professional stage presentation on their own terms and at the time of their choosing at a  sliding scale expense rate based on number of audience in attendance and are allowed to retain all money collected from all ticket sales. Of course there are expenses but there will be choices given on the various elements of the full stage presentation, media promotion and publicity that are part of the ArtFRONT Presentations events. You may choose from a minimum or maximum amount of publicity according to your budget or availability of your own media resources.

*** Our first Sponsored Events concert on July 28th 2012 @ barking Legs following this format was a great success! Two loacal artist’s dual CD release show received a net profit of $587.00. Since then a number of shows have exceeded this including the first event after Barking Legs Theater’s complete rennovation, which netted the artist $1,067.00 in profits from online/advance & day of show ticket sales. Complete details on the expenses vs. payout are now available in our online spreadsheets which we will provide to You on approval of your event. ***

First the artist must meet our approval. Neither ArtFRONT Presentations or the venues in this program want to be responsible for promoting an artist who isn’t yet ready for a high profile event.  We must be confident in the skills of the performers and sound technicians employed for the event and any other house staff required for the performance.
After our approval of your act  we can start the booking and promotion of your event with a deposit which covers the minimum rental fee and our minimum required fees for door & closing, sound tech and equipment and basic press-release.
For a complete rundown on the costs and profit potential of these events (at Barking Legs Theater ONLY until other venues are added…) You may visit this link: these terms are all subject to change until further notice.