December 31st, 2012 by Robin

So it looks like if I go into the html tab in the edit/create new post dashboard I can add a blockquote box like this (it’s called b-quote in the menu.) ~R.

December 31st, 2012 by Robin

One thing I’ve done here on this site is make the “News” category the default for new posts.   Now I need to have a “News” page, which is this page,  that I can display or hide from public view easily while still using it to display “News-Category” posts.  (This is all WordPress specific jargon.)   At this moment I’m still not seeing the new posts show up on this page.  Give me a minute ~R.

Excellent! Now I have the site set up pretty much the way it should be.  Now ALL I have to do is add the “News” Category to any older posts I want to show up here and delete the “News” category from any posts I don’t want to show up here (I guess?) ~R.

February 6th, 2011 by Robin

November 23rd, 2008 by Robin

Robin here. I’m going mobile with WordPress on my iPhone. I can post to this page now using only my voice. Voice recognition is here alright. listen

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ps All the above text including the headline link was generated entirely with the Jott to WordPress iPhone app. This ps note is not part of the voice posting from Jott. I’m leaving this note up for a reference on the formatting of posts when using this voice posting app. ~R.

August 8th, 2008 by Robin

A lot of The Unsatisfied’s songs have been on various broadcast playlists for a long time, and You know how radio is, they seem to get stuck playing the same stuff over and over but there’s a lot of edgy, underground gems that You may not have heard before. Here is a special “Get to know The Unsatisfied a little better,” (unless you’re scared..) pre-tour gift package.
These are some of our favorite cuts from the first three full albums of the most uncompromising, hard hitting, solid, high energy, electrifying punk rock ever. You can play this audio through your big new speakers as loud as You want, as many times as You want, as long as we have them posted HERE. If you’re not listening to this stuff you’ve missed the whole point of rock ‘n roll and you might as well go dial up a Clear Channel station and eat a box of twinkies. (There are also some radio friendly edits for download if You click on our “Radio” tab.)

June 29th, 2008 by Robin

It’s Possible that even The Crimea  from the UK are coming onboard for a bit.  Davey MacManus himself called from Somewhere in Britain the other day to confirm a show date with Ana Lola Roman at NYC’s Cake Shop and inform us of his east coast/west coast tour plans. After checking out their astounding global approach to rock we are interested in helping them out a bit with shows here in the USA.  For a great introduction to The Crimea see this amazing article  Their concert festival experience in China is good for laughter as well as cross cultural intrigue.  Stay tuned for more info on The Crimea in America as it develops.

June 29th, 2008 by Robin

As of June 28, 2008 The Agency Roster is being built.  So far Ana Lola Roman has a finished agency page, (See Artists Roster Links on the sidebar.) The Unsatisfied have their page mostly finished.  Lamb Handler and Rollo Greb are next.  Also North American Royalty will be added to the Americana roster with more excellent talent soon to appear in that category. 

June 29th, 2008 by Robin

Bonnaroo 2008,


was a preview of the bands


worth going to see.

         A full review of all the bands that our correspondent Robin Merritt who is a concert promoter & publicist with ArtFRONT Presentations was able to catch at this year’s Bonnaroo festival in rural Manchester Tennessee will be posted on the site soon , so check back if You see this post before the article is up ’cause we’ll have the link posted here  soon as it’s ready. (There should be a few nice photos as well.)

        This year’s Bonnaroo held forth some of the top luminaries such as My Morning Jacket, Robert Plant & Allison Krause, Sigur Ros,  B.B. King, Metallica  and too many others to see  all in one dusty sun baked weekend.  With the exception of the fabulous experience of a three hour concert by My Morning Jacket in a psychedelic, night time rainstorm that proved to be one of the phenomenal events of the year.  Also present were our friends Sam Quinn & Jill Andrews of the everybodyfields whom Robin has been updating us on for the last three years.  

         Exciting breakout performances by Knoxville TN band The Royal Bangs and Asheville NC’s Stephanie’sid   caused excitement among the crowd as well as us here at the agency since we’ve been corresponding with them for a while. And though it’s too early to say if it will happen, we certainly would be interested in presenting and arranging shows and publicity for those two fine bands.  Keep abreast of who the new up and coming talent is to look ourt for by staying in touch with us here and on the site. Heck this is even a good reason to use that RSS subscription  you’ve been scratching your head over. Much more info on all of this soon.