August 8th, 2008 by Robin

A lot of The Unsatisfied’s songs have been on various broadcast playlists for a long time, and You know how radio is, they seem to get stuck playing the same stuff over and over but there’s a lot of edgy, underground gems that You may not have heard before. Here is a special “Get to know The Unsatisfied a little better,” (unless you’re scared..) pre-tour gift package.
These are some of our favorite cuts from the first three full albums of the most uncompromising, hard hitting, solid, high energy, electrifying punk rock ever. You can play this audio through your big new speakers as loud as You want, as many times as You want, as long as we have them posted HERE. If you’re not listening to this stuff you’ve missed the whole point of rock ‘n roll and you might as well go dial up a Clear Channel station and eat a box of twinkies. (There are also some radio friendly edits for download if You click on our “Radio” tab.)